Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 5 & 6: Get Me Out!

Ok. I have had enough.
Yesterday I had my two rides, with a little improvement... But we have a ways to go before I'm happy at first level at all with Delight. In good news, Tilly is fancy enough to compete in the Pony classes...

Now, why is this my worst horse show ever?
Let's review - in chronological order- shall we?

  • My trip begins with a phone call that my horses are out on the road. In Chassell, MI... When I'm 200 miles away. Evidently, the horses ran right through the fence, taking down a whole chunk of my hot wire. Upside: I have great friends who corralled the horses and repaired my fence. 
  • It rained when we overnighted in Jackson, MI. Why is this a problem? Evidently there's a leak/drip in my trailer which means that my helmet was literally full of water when we arrived in Lexington. I poured about a quart of rainwater out of my helmet and had to wear a cold damp helmet all weekend. 
  • My moms truck (brought it bc it had more room for the dogs) starts running rough, but we make it to KY. Brought it in, and was assured that it would be fixed by Saturday. My mom got a call at 6p on Friday that there are no parts in the US of A to fix the problem. Enter the worst rental car ever.
  • I get an update on my horses that they have gone, in a word, feral. RC's biting, Tilly's escaping, and London is running the farm sitter over.
  • I realize how far I am to being able to compete as a professional. 
  • Today I got a missed call with a voicemail from my barn sitter, telling me she had "bad news" and that my "barn was destroyed". My heart dropped out of my chest wondering is a horse was hurt or dead or something equally terrible. Come to find out that RC just kicked out a wall which was later repaired... With phone calls like these, I'm not long for this world. 
  • I scratch my last class because with 20 mph winds and a tired pony, we had all the wrong kind of energy. Ponita was tired and grumpy (and probably sore) on our hand walk, and I knew that it was over. No point in pushing her beyond her limits or setting her up for failure.... But a wasted $80. And no qualifying score. 
  • Mom and I get Courtney on the road and head to the airport to pick up my rental car (which I called and reserved for an airport to airport rental, Lexington to Marquette then coordinated a ride home). Denied, because I didn't have a credit card (which was NO PROBLEM to the woman I talked to when reserving my rental)... But the Hertz rental could hook me up, and accept my measly debit card.  But if it were really that easy, I'd be on my way to the UP. And I'm not. I'm currently updating my blog from an El Cheapo motel (the only kind that welcomes three dogs and two horse show weary travelers for under a hundred bucks). Come to find out that they need a credit check for those of us who are "point to point" renting, just in case I try to abscond with the shitty compact car I was attempting to use to get home. And little old me has never gotten a loan, borrowed money, or signed for any one of the myrad credid card offers that they send out to the ignorant college student so that they can trap them in that 27% interest. But not me... so I don't get a rental car. Even with cash in hand, no points on my license and two jobs. Nope, no debt, no car. 
So here I am, trying to find a way home.... Crap.

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  1. I think I would have died at the "barn is destroyed" voicemail. Whoa, nelly that causes a panic attack when you're not home!

    Sorry there were some low points in the show—on the bright side, you possess more logic than most car rental companies...combined.

    Onward and upward! Can't wait to read about your next show!