Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Days 1 &2: Travel Time

So, the Championship Saga has started. On Tuesday my mother and I took off to head to Kentucky. Loaded up the 15 bales of hay, 8 bales of shavings, saddles, bridles, show pads, schooling pads, a bag of feed, dog crates and food…. The list goes on.  We were ready, set and off!
Six hours or so into the trip, I received texts and phone calls.
My horses were out. CRAP.  Why, after six months in their own field, would they choose the weekend that I’m already stressed and heading out of town to stage a coup?
Fortunately, I have some great friends/clients who corralled my ponies, restrung the fence and righted all the other wrongs. I continued the last 300 miles of day 1 with few(er) concerns.

The good news is that after 560 miles, we stayed at a great little place that I found on (Lone Pines Ranch outside of Jackson, MI… two thumbs way up).

Day two of my drive, we made it the final 350 miles (whew). Of course, I received a text that my three ponies at home had gone feral… But out of sight, out of mind.
Be still my heart... One chain restaurant down, one to go

I pulled in to the Kentucky Horse Park around 5:30, got a little lost looking for our stall in Rolex Tent 3, then bedded down a stall and brought Delight in. She made that 900 mile trip none the worse for wear (whew).

There should really be an award for the furthest traveled at this show. I'm pretty sure I'd be a strong contestant...
Team MacDonald... All settled in.

I was lucky that my sister checked me in and had picked up my number and info packet…. So off to the warm-ups! This is a BIG park! It’s got to be a 20 minute walk from the Rolex complex (where Courtney is showing and near the ) to the Dressage complex (where I show)…

Stay tuned for Day 1 of showing….

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