Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pencil It In...

So, I've been looking over my calendar trying to decide which shows to go to, how best to qualify for the championships (68% at Training level... yikes), what's too far to drive and what shows I could possibly talk Courtney into coming to so that we could show together and hang out (like the bad asses we are).
Now my tenative show schedule is complete!

June 9-10 Cooler By The Lake I & II Iron River, WI

June 16 Summer Solstice Schooling Show Escanaba, MI

June 30 Timber Trails Jump Show Hancock, MI

July 7-8 North Woods Dressage Summer Show, Iron River, WI

July 20-22 Dressage at Lamplight I & II, Wayne, IL

August 11-12 NWDA Summer Fun Schooling Show Iron River, WI

September 15-16 NEDA Fall Classic Schooling Show, Iron River, WI

October 11-14 USDF Recional Championships, Lexington, KY

Not too shabby, huh?

Actually, it's terrifying how buys this summer is turning out to be... But, I think that I should probably bank on going to more than two shows to get Delight qualified for the championships and I can see Courtney's Grand Prix debut at Lamplight, so that on made the cut. All of the schooling shows are for my students (and I get to get a practice class or two in with Delight), so they are kind of a 'freebie' for me since I'll be hauling their horses anyway.

Downside to all of this horsiness? Buh-bye social life...

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