Sunday, June 7, 2009

The El Paso curse strikes again

So... The weekend. Well, saturday was ok, I didnt do a whole lot. I trail rode RC, to give him another mental breather day which he claims he sorely needed. And I RODE DELI. All by myself. It was only at the walk and we did some circles, but it was pretty cool to be up on my own mare, alone for the first time.

Ahm, and now for the Curse. I made it through the whole day until dinnertime. Then while MD was tossing out hay, Tempi got kicked. Or stepped on. Or something. She didnt move for about 2 minutes, she just layed there when I picked her up. She wasnt breathing ro blinking but her heart was beating, so I didnt think she was dead...yet.
So, MD drove me to the vet, who said she wasnt in any immediate danger, so that relieved my mind a little bit. She got some shots to control the swelling and the drooling. The only downside is that now she has to pee. All the time. I'll take it. If she's going to be better.... to be continued

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