Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So today was much like yesterday. I worked with six horses, and everything went really smoothly, except for the wind. Evidently El Paso gets pretty windy, which wouldn't be bad, except for the sand. It stings! Anyway, RC was pretty good. Today was much like yesterday. I did figure out that he swings out when going to the left because of me. Yep. My fault. So, I need to physically bring my left hip forward since I want to drop it back and push with the right. Turns out I'm one sided too. But now that I know the problem, I am acutely aware of every time my right hip is leading... After RC, it was the cremello's turn. She was much much better on the lunge today. She still won't canter without pulling back and shying, but we got the walk and trot just fine. MD even laid across the saddle today and the mare didn't spook or fidget even when I walked her forward a few steps. Slowly but surely... The it was Deli. After warming up at the walk, trot and canter to both directions, I got on her. She was a little worker pony on the lunge, so I didn't think anything of it. She even gets her leads nearly every time now. After that warm up, MD lunged me on Deli. I walked, trotted and cantered (both directions!) on Deli! After working on transitions for a moment to make sure I could stop her, MD unclipped the lunge line, and I walked and trotted Deli around the arena. Turning was interesting, but it was way cool trotting her around. Evidently to turn her, I need to give the inside rein a few tugs, then let go (like a lunge line). Tomorrow I'll walk and trot her again, and maybe on Friday, I'll be brave enough to canter her off the line... We shall see. After lunch, the wind started. I worked with the baby pony first. He bit me. There isn't much of a bruise, but it sure hurt. I was brushing all of that fuzzy baby coat off of him, not fully paying attention (obviously) and he got me right in the ribs. I should have known better, having been around RC at that age... After a quick walk around, It was the stallion's turn. MD helped me tack up the little Welsh stallion in his carting finery. He's awfully cute in his harness. I lunged him around, like yesterday, over the trot poles and even over a little jump. He's a cute little jumper, so I asked him to do it a few times. I felt kind of bad when he was huffing and puffing by the end of it. I wrapped up my day with Sonnet. She and I are reaching an accord. I'm learning to ride with my body more then my hands, but it's a slow process...
Tempi Update: She's made another leap forward. Today she's trotting when we go outside, and was even playing with her toy tonight. Keep sending her your good thoughts, I think they are working!

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