Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally Friday

Yep. Friday.
So MD had to fly out this morning to head to Houston to whoop my mom and sister for a few lessons. Don't worry Court, I told MD that you really wanted to work hard....

So this morning, before she left, MD helped me with Deli. I walked and trotted on her! Yay! MD told me that while she thinks Deli isn't going t be the type who misbehaves out of fear, she might misbehave because it wasn't her idea. Just like Opie. It's so exciting to be starting her out.... Make me thinking about how she'll be once we start showing.
After Deli, it was RC's turn. We had a really really light day. I took him for a trot down the road. He liked having a trail ride day, it was a nice breather for him. This way he doesn't think that his back and butt are gonna be sore every time he gets saddles up.
And to wrap up my very easy day, I took Sonnet for a ride. For some reason, i just couldn't get the head flipping under control. It really didn't get any better until i just sat the trot and left her head alone. I didn't quite get everything to feel 'right', but I ended on a much better note then I started on. Always a plus.
Well, Now I have most of the day to myself... What to do, what to do....

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