Monday, June 8, 2009

Signs of Life

Well, Thank you to everyone who has called/emailed to hope that Tempi makes it (above you can see a happier, fluffier Tempi then I have now...). Last night was pretty rough, her coordination was all but gone until 9 or so. Even after that she's heavily favoring her right side. I am going to hope that it is just muscle damage from the kick and not something neurological. I stayed up pretty much all night, just to make sure that Tempi hadn't slipped into some sort of coma. Fortunately, other then groaning all night, she made it through. This morning she even got up to ask to be let outside to pee. She's horrified that she peed in the house last night (one of the shots the vet gave her to slow or stop the swelling in her brain has that side effect). As of 6:30 this morning, Tempi was alert and moving around on her own (slowly, but still). She's going to be on house arrest for a few days or until I can't stand to keep her inside any more. At the moment she's content to sleep on the pillow I set up on the floor for her. So here's to hoping....

Well, it would seem that Monday is going better then I had worried about. For one thing, I turned 22 today (yay me)

RC's lesson was less brutal then usual. We worked on transitions. As it turns out, I've been doing them wrong forever. I tend to pop him to the counterflexion, then pop him back to fake a softness, and that's not the MD approved method. So now I have to learn how to actually make him soft though the base of his stiff little neck. Darn, but doable...
And today I rode Deli, again today. I lunged her for about 30 minutes first, working on transitions to voice commands (which she's very good at). The only kink in that chain is that today she was not about to have anything to do with the whip at all. She bucked like a little hellion when I tapped her with it. So when I got on, we worked at the walk and trot, with MD lunging us for control. We opted out of the canter work today... it would have ended poorly for me. But I think that I'm going to like sitting Delis trot. It's amazingly smooth, not some choppy little pony trot. I think that I'm really going to like this little mare.


  1. You know what's character building? Riding through some bucks. And she's a pony. How big can those bucks be?

  2. Hey... I cantered her today!!!