Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Ride

Today was probably the best day this week so far. Deli's eyes are starting to look better and my riding was pretty fun, not pure torture....
RC was pretty good. It's amazing the difference it makes when I'm not pissed off at something else entirely. Who would have thought. It turns out that MD and I are planning on entering a show in July in New Mexico. I guess I need to get cracking on this first level stuff then.
After RC, I RODE DELI. Well, not actually, But I sat up on her while MD led her around. It was sort of fun, kind of scary. I kept waiting for her to lurch, or buck or run. I know she's not a fan of being poked in the belly, so I though that leg signals were going to be her undoing. Nope. She was a little hesitant about it, but she didn't kick out or buck and twist. She stopped and shook her head. The other thing that she might not be simple about is the rein contact. She did pull down and do a sort of head flippy thing. It was so much fun to just sit up on my little horse!
Well, I'm tired so it's brief today. Enjoy, and leave a comment!

Oh, and today's picture is of one of the resident mastoodles... Say hi to Latte.


  1. Post a picture of Chango and Maxine! I miss them! Glad to hear that things are picking up! Think fertile thoughts for Ami!