Monday, June 1, 2009

Mondays Suck.

Yep. Read the title. Mondays Suck. Epicly. As anyone who bothers to read may know, last Monday I got bucked off and my pride was horribly bruised. How could anything top getting bucked off of a horse? Well, read on....
So MD had to take a mare to the vet to get checked for pregnancy (Amy isn't pregnant, so she stayed at the vet), so I did all of my morning chores, then rode RC, sans lesson.
I only worked him for about 35 minutes, then we both got a little bored (plus, he was being really really good), so we went on a trail ride down the path where the race horses exercise in the mornings. It was all gravy until there were the morning explosions, and a race horse came sprinting up behind us. I wouldn't let RC wheel around, so he just sat low and held it, in case I changed my mind and we did decide to flee. We didn't, so he just looked like a loser, but I got a smile and a laugh from the exercise rider. after about 10 minutes out, i decided it was time to turn around. This time when a new race horse came up behind him, he acted like he had never been afraid of anything in his life. I saw Martha's trailer pull into the deliveries drive as I made it back onto the property. Perfect timing.... or so I thought.
This is where my day went down hill, and down hill fast.
MD went inside to change into riding clothes, and while I'm untacking RC, I hear her yell. She grabbed a halter and rushed to Derringer. When I had turned him out this morning, he had a slightly higher then average (for him) temperature of 104.6, his heart rate was racing (per his usual) at around 75 bpm, and he was sort of panting. I wrote it up to not receiving his banamine injection in the morning, as MD wanted to talk to the vet before giving him anything more. His feet were finally not swollen, and he was eating his grass hay, so I turned hin out.
I rushed over to where MD had haltered Derringer, and he was sweating, but felt icy. Bad. Very very bad. When I checked his gums, they were white as a sheet. He was still panting and his heart rate was still high and erratic, but now he was pawing and reaching around and nosing not his stomach, but right in front of where the girth would be. MD and I tried to get him out of his pen, but he seized and collapsed before we made it. He fell and sort of rolled under the fence. He made it halfway under then he died. Right there. It took a few minutes, but when he left us, we both knew it. I doubt there was anything either of us could have done. He was buried this evening in the desert.

Wow. Great day, huh?

To top it off (for me) I didn't ride Deli today. RC ran her into the door, and her eye looks like she came out of a prize fight. So either flys mucked up her tear duct and I'll have to get the vet out to flush it, or RC is a major bully and beat the shit out of my poor Deli. But the poor little mare stood like a champ when I held an ice pack on her eye for ten minutes. The she didn't even flinch when I rubbed hot pink Swat fly repellent on it. It still looks like she was playing in her mom's make up.
On the riding front: I got my lesson of the day on Diva. I think that the lesson made me a whole lot more comfortable with riding her. This way I know what she does, how MD handles it and how much to expect of her. After Diva, I rode Sonnet (the one who bronced me). She was thinking about it again, especially since I was riding her while the back hoe was digging Derringers grave. She was decent until they started to move Derringer. Then it was get off or get thrown off. I opted to vacate the saddle by choice. After Derringer was out of sight, MD got on Sonnet to school her, then I got back on. It was really fun, again knowing how MD handled her and what to expect made a big difference to me.
Finally, last horse of the day, I got to ride Avril after MD. I got to do a 9 extension, play with her half passes and ride her passage. Awesome. Majorly awesome. Then MD wanted to school Avril's piaffe, with me as the pilot. It wasn't easy, but it sure was fun. I have never sat on a horse that moved so... springy. Sitting on Avril is like walking on the moon, I imagine. The hang time in the trot is amazing (and my abs are killing me just to prove it). It was pretty cool.
So the day ended much better then it began... But it still sucked.

Late night update: Boys suck..... (so do mondays.)

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