Friday, June 19, 2009

Getting in the Swing

So, now that I've been here for about a month, every day is getting much more predictable. I usually work with 5-7 horses a day (depending on who MD doesn't want to works with), Take a lesson, scarf down lunch and sleep... Because let's face it, but 7 pm, I'm beat. But for the updates that my small but loyal group of followers are asking for... Tempi: She's all better. Tempi is up and running around, playing fetch, doing tricks and being all around adorable on all counts. (PS: Court, you need a poodle) MD, Dan and I all yell at her if she's even remotely near a horse though. I dont think that she remembers being squished, because she just looks at all of us like we're being paranoid mothers or something. She's settled into the life here now though. She walks to the arena, watches me work, walks back to the tack room, naps, rinse and repeat. I still think that it's nifty to have a dog that shadows me, even if I do get exasperated at her... RC: Well, today we worked on long and low, but he's been really developing his hind end and his back. His lengthenings are becoming mediums and he's actually getting a collected canter. Miracles DO happen, evidently. I suppose I shouldn't be feeling too confident, after all there are only two weeks til the show... And I'm still swinging between "I suck" and "I'm getting this shit!". We'll have to see which side wins out at the show, but I'm more confident about it then I was at lamplight. Deli: Well, I;m going to start this one by saying that you have no idea how COOL it is to be able to say that you broke your own horse. I mean, two weeks ago, I couldn't ride her, and how I lunge her for a few minutes, then I can walk trot and canter (not for long, but still) in the arena! Her steering is still kind of iffy, and she's not totally sure that she likes the concept of contact, but it is so amazing to be trotting around, doing 20 m circles, on a horse that has never been ridden by anyone else. I do believe that buying Deli was a great great thing!
I'll leave you with a little video of me on Sonnet (its NOT RC!) on a particularly windy ride...
And now I'm off to nurture my newly found social life in El Paso...

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