Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Ride

So today I worked with 6 horses. 6. And it was hot. I must have downed at least 6 bottles of water. I swear it's like all the water gets sucked out of my body around here...
Anyway, I started the day with Dive, since MD was at the vet getting some mares checked. She was good. Much better then she has been for me in the past. I think that I'm getting more confident with her.
After Diva, it was RC's turn. Unfortunately for him, MD returned in time to give me a lesson. Today's lesson was all about transitions while keeping RC soft through his neck without turning his nose to the outside. It's not easy, but I think that we're getting there... slowly. I need to stop twisting him to the outside. I know why I do it, and now I know that its wrong! Darn.
Well... After RC had his bath, it was the Cremello's turn. She's a little spastic. I can't quite wrap my head around it, she is a flinching nut on the ground, but on the lunge line, you nearly have to beat her into the trot. Weird little horse. I told MD that all the pretty ones are crazy...
After the cremello was Deli. And yet again, I broke new ground with Deli. After a little lunging to warm up at all three gaits to both directions, MD lunged me on Deli and the walk the trot and the canter!!!! That's right. I cantered on my little mare... After being lunged on all three gaits to each direction, MD unclipped the line and I rode Deli around the arena at a walk and a trot. MD thinks that possibly by the end of the week, we'll get a walk trot and canter out of Deli, off the lunge!! I'm not gonna lie, it is so much fun working with a horse from the ground up.
After lunch, I lunged the little pony stallion for a while. The poor little guy got a little sweaty, but then he trotted over cavelettis for a while... After the little Stallion, I rode Avril. She is still one of the most fun horses I have ridden, no wonder MD loves her. She makes you feel amazingly LIGHT. MD took a quick video of us, so I didn't get a complete lesson, but maybe I'll add video footage at some sort. Anyway, after MD was done taping me riding, she helped me work with Avril on the piaffe. That horse tries waaay harder then she needs to, but it still feels really cool.
Tempi Update: Ok, so Tempi is on the way to recovery. She was pretty lethargic this morning, but by lunch, she was up to trotting outside. She's still off of her food for the most part, but seems willing to eat cheese. She perks up after getting her pain meds too. She has one more day of house arrest, then we'll see if she can join me outside again. Thank you to everyone who's asked or expressed concern for Tempi!!

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