Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So yesterday I had two good rides. I'm sure I would have had three, but I didn't have time to squeeze RC in because I had to babysit the guy spreading lime in my fields (seriously, why can't they ever give me notice when they are going to show up? Some of us have job(s) and lives to schedule!).

Tilly was a touch excited, seeing as there was a giant vehicle flinging little rocks across her field. She settled down in what has become her record time (whew), and we did lots of changes of direction at the trot, big looping circles and more or less rating her speed so that we didn't slip into ZOOMPONY mode. That mode isn't fun.
Even our canter work was calmer today. We had one lap of 'up up and away!' type canter, but after that she settled into the rhythm and we practiced our big looping circles at the canter, both directions.

Next was Delight (well, after work.. you know, that pesky job that I have to be able to afford the lifestyle I seem to prefer).. I was prepared for her to be a little bit of a dork, since she's had a few days off and the herd had been penned up in my front (lime free) pasture.

She was a champ. Sure we had a little tiff starting out on the bit... But we worked through it and that's all that matters. We got our trot-canter transitions which have been a tad sticky (she thows a mini fit, I throw away my reins... which didn't help a thing), we got our walk canter transitions (and we've only just recently begun playing with those), we even got some nice lengthened trot (hills are amazing). Woo hoo! Maybe, just maybe, we are ready for this show season.

Or maybe it was just a fluke.

Either way, it was a fun fun ride.

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