Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh what the Hail....

Pardon the pun, I really couldn't help it...

"Shhh... I'm hiding"
This weekend was like Michigan forgot to take it's meds, weather wise. On Saturday it was 90 degrees (the locals swear that they were melting into oblivion) and dry. If it wasn't got the salt marks on my horses I wouldn't have noticed that they sweat while I worked them.

OK, that's a lie. I notice things like that, but I was just trying to make a point, ok?
Moral of this story: I did not get my lawn mowed.
"Whatcha doin'?"

Sunday was beautiful... Until around 3pm. Then the skies opened, dime to quarter sized hail rained down and the temperature dropped 30 degrees. Fortunately, I planned ahead, and had shut the horses in the barn while I had left to go give a lesson at my old boarding barn. I may have lost my voice a little bit trying to yell over the sound of the rain and hail on the metal roof. Occupational hazard.
Oh, and I didn't get my lawn mowed then either...

However, I got up early and mowed my lawn before work this morning! Hah!
Now I just have the rest of my to do list to wade through. Oh, and sign up for my first show of the year.... Yikes.

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