Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The 'To Do' List...

Is it just me or is the To Do list a never ending, constantly expanding entity much like the universe (depending on your religion's view of scientific fact, of course)?
I bought a nifty little white board for my front door to help me keep track of who's lessons are when and where and what all I need to get done. It was a great idea, if I do say so myself... I write three (or four) day's worth of  lessons, events and social agenda (hah! Good one, Alison! Thanks for the laugh!) along with what little things I think that I can knock off of my to do list. This Idea came from the full fledged melt down I had when writing down the Official To Do list (referred to as a TDL. Hey, as an engineer, I love a good acronym)  for my farm...  By the time I finished listing one page worth of projects, I was exhausted and had to retreat to my living room to veg out and watch an episode or two of Psych.

Anyway, yesterday's TDL had:

  • Clean stalls (come on, everyone starts their To Do lists with an gimme) -Check
  • Ride Horses (And, maybe I need some motivation) -Check
  • Plant my seedlings (the beets are taking over my kitchen...) -Nope

So, two out of three ain't bad, right?

Anyway, this weekend's TDL is getting out of hand... And it's only Wednesday!

  • Mow the lawn (or turn RC out in the yard) so my house looks less abandoned
  • Finish my fence! (There are only three posts left! Nearly done!)
  • Hook up the fencer (Tilly is NOT going to like that)
  • Plant my seedlings. Finally. (The beets are going to start a revolution if I don't spread them out a little bit.)
  • Call about leveling the arena (again)
  • Start making my arena letters
  • Time permitting: plan a trip to TSC (it's a two hour drive there... so a little planning or rainy day might be in order) for mats
  • Start construction on Stall # 4 for Tilly
  • Get a load of shavings
  • .... 
And the list goes on and on... So many things, so little time.. And that's not even the official TDL. 

Then again I may just scratch the whole list and just ride again. It's really only hurting my beets....

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