Thursday, May 10, 2012

How Do You Spell Trouble?


(Also, that rhetorical question packs less of a punch in this format.... as 'trouble' is already spelled out. But try not to let that bother you. Or comment that the spelling is in the title... )

So today there was no riding. 'Why not?' you may ask, "After all, it is 65 degrees and sunny out. The weather could not possibly get any nicer".

Because of my pony. Well, Ponita Tres, to be exact.

I'll admit, that I have been lax in my fencing. The fencer wasn't hooked up because I was still finishing up my third little pasture (and nothing pisses me off more than shocking myself on accident while trying to put up fence posts). I figured that the herd is quite happy to have all that room and grass, why would they poke at the fence? London and RC are convinced that the white rope means hot wire anyway, so I don't have to worry about them. Delight would rather lounge a safe distance from everyone else and eat all by her lonesome.
"If I even look at the fence, I might get shocked!"
Tilly, it would seem, is my problem child.

I turned everyone out this morning and headed in to finish my coffee before going out and riding. Of course, I glance up and there is a red pony grazing by my front steps.

Wait a moment.... That's not supposed to be there...

So I halter her and throw her back into the field. Surely that's a fluke, and she'll be happy grazing with the rest of the herd?
"Later, yo"

She trotted out to the herd. Looked at me over her shoulder, hunched up and slithered under the fence.
"Hey guys! You should see my new trick!"

Of course, everyone had to come see what I was doing.
That's it! The electricity is being hooked up TODAY! Of course, this means that I have to rewire it a bit so that I'm not shorting out the fence on my incomplete pasture, but no biggie.
Tilly will just have to wait in the barn until I'm done!

Of course this takes a little bit of wiring on my part since the set up for the charger is by the front of the barn. I no longer have fencing in the front of my barn, it is now all behind the barn. Darn. Good thing I have spare insulated wire, wire cutters and an exacto-knife. Of course I could have just used a pair of needle nosed pliers and been done with it... But then I would have had to go back into the house to find those. I made do.

"Why do they always leave me behind?"
After too many walks into the barn, out of the barn, around the back of the barn, rinse and repeat... I got the fencer grounded, connected and up and going. Test time!
I turned Tilly back out with the herd (though I doubt she did much reflecting on what she did wrong while penned up in a stall) and started to walk the fence line to check for shorts, etc. Lucky me, I only found three (which if you look at my pasture, is really lucky. I'm starting to hate pine trees. Just sayin').
Power off, fix the shorts and power back on. Ponita Tres is in for a shock (literally).
Once the excitement of me puttering around behind the barn wore off, the horses returned to their regular schedules of eating and napping. Except for RC, who tried to steal every tool I had out with me.
Now I didn't see Tilly get the first shock since I was putting tools away when I heard the sound of thundering hooves, but when I went back to check on everyone they all seemed content to stay home...
Is she dead?

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