Thursday, May 3, 2012

We're Growing Up!

I have crossed yet another First off of Tilly's list. We went for a ride in the big wide open spaces of my new 'riding arena' which is a huge change from the totally enclose 40m x 60m arena that we've been working in all winter.
I'm not ashamed to admit that I hooked her to a lunge line for a few minutes first... Just in case. I mean, safety first when riding a youngster in a new environment after a few weeks off, right?

Of course she made me look like a wimp as she calmly floated along in the walk, trot and canter, looking happily around at her new surroundings, not a spook.spin.buck to be had. Good girl.

We did about half an hour of trot work before we convinced Mom to joinus on a 20 minute trailride in the old hay fields across the street.

Tilly crossed her first road! Squee!*

We walked around the huge field, dodging trees and wet spots... Leaving RC in the dust, because really, what pony needs an escort? She was wonderful.

We did have a momentary start when the three sandhill cranes that live here took wing. Those suckers are huge with a loud prehistoric call and seem to fly in slow motion... .

Much like I imagine a pterodactyl would (tell me that's not scary!)
Run, white boy! Run!

Now, I'm not sure if it was the call of the cranes that made Tilly start, or the fact that I started humming the theme to Jurassic Park while they were in flight, but she handled it well... Better than my rendition of the Jurassic Park theme- and seemed to assume that a bird wouldn't hurt her. Clever Girl.

Yeah, this video is ten minuted long, and I only hummed the first maybe two minuted of the JP theme. But I like JP... So deal.

*Ok, that noise was embarassing... But the Pony was being so good!

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