Monday, May 14, 2012

Turbo Pony,Western Pony, Jumping Pony and a Sunburn

This weekend was my weekend 'off'. Seriously, I had planned on finishing the top pasture fence and riding my own ponies...
Possibly reading a book..
Drinking a Mikes...

You get the idea. it was going to be a slow weekend where I relaxed and enjoyed my UP springtime weather.
But you know how plans go - especially around horses.

I ended up loaning London out to one of my students to ride with that HJ trainer that my former BO brought up (amid much barn drama). I mean, If this kid wants to jump, London's you boy. He has that hunter 'look'... and her horse is only five and not talented in the jumping department. So, I changed my plans to take London to that clinic Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. No biggie right?

I can still get my other three ridden. I took RC out, and on a whim (since I have had decidedly few of those of late), threw his western gear up on him.

Well that's no beuno....
Important PSA: If you are using a bridle that fastens using chicago screws, it's best to check the tightness of all screws before heading out down the road to my 'arena. This way, when you go to toss the split reins over RC's head, you will not be left with that look of shock when one the reins are only attached to one side of his bit.

See? This part doesn't need two screws!

Fortunately, I'm a closet Macgyver (I knew that engineering degree wasn't a lie!) and scavenged a chicago screw from RC's throat latch to secure the rein back onto the bit. Ta-dah!
I didn't have a paperclip, but otherwise it was just like this...
What was supposed to be a fun little ride around on my Western Pony ended up as a two hour trailride up and down the hills, around trees and basically just exploring the back of the property via deer trails. RC had a blast... Until I made him do a little western work at the end.
Gratuitous Quarter Horse Haunches shot!
Moral of this story: I need to get a watch.

Next up was Tilly. Tilly seems to have decided that the lack of fences in our new riding area signifies that she can go as fast as possible. Turbo Pony needed a re-install of brakes and steering. Fortunately, she settled down and we got some good work much quicker than our previous rides... so I must be doing something right! Of course, our ride was only 45 minutes because poor Tilly was a sweaty foamy mess after a half hour of work on hills (and 15 minutes of getting her head screwed on straight), so we took a mini trail ride (of which she was a huge fan), gave her a sponge down, put her in her fly sheet and watched her tear out to the rest of the herd.

By this point I was running decidedly late to get London to the Barn for his HJ lesson... Thank goodness I have easy loaders and can hook up to my traler in on straight shot (yeah, I'm that good). Long story short: London is an adorable hunter. He made everything else look like a little tiny pony, but he went over everything he was pointed at, with his head low, ears up, and knees high.
The clinition picked on the fact that his tack didn't match and he needed a tail extension.
Say what?
Seriously? That's all you have to say? No -say - riding instruction?
I could have given a better over fences lessen than that. And I don't jump. At all.
Sunday, they spent half the lesson learning how to tighten the girth from the saddle. Gotta say, I'm glad that I didn't spend the money to ride. Yikes.

I spent my sunday afternoon (because for a 9 am ride that means I got home around 2pm) lounging in the sun. I threw on a pair of shorts, slathered sunscreen on my pasty white self and read a book in the sun with the poodles.
Tempisays "throw the ball... Throw the ball" Also, just ignore how blindingly white my legs are. 
Of course, poor Delight was just groomed all weekend, no riding. Poor abandoned pony.

And I am sporting a sunburn.

These weekends off are hard on a girl.  (I'll have to add pictures tomorrow because I forgot my camera. Whoops.... Annnnnd Added!)

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