Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 1: Move it, move it!

OK, so the title is because I signed up for the New Year New You challenge: 31 days to wellness sponsred by Dressage Today and SmartPack. The whole idea is that they will email you a tip per day to get off to a good start in the new year.
Then, if I've learned anything in the end, I can write about my experiences and maybe get them published. Worth a shot, right? Just imagine, more than my three faithful readers can share my experiences.

Anyway, back on topic. Day 1: Move it, Move it!
(annnnd now that song is stuck in my head. You know the one... I like to move it, move it... )
The tip is to just get in gear and go out to the barn, no matter the weather or temperature outside. HAH! already on it. Check. Done.
While that's easy to say when it's been hovering above freezing for a week, I'll try to keep this in mind when it's 11 degrees and whiteout conditions tomorrow.
(Winter storm warning for my area from now til friday night. Goodie!)

Ok, I may jest, but really, breaking the inertia barrier is one of the hardest steps to improvement. Yes it's cold, yes it's still dark out when I head out to the barn... But I'll never be the rider that I want to be if I stay curled up in my nice warm bed instead of braving the weather or curled up on the couch reading about riding young horses rather than actually riding my young horses. I've heard that it takes 10,000 hours to become proficient at a skill... well, those hours aren't gonna happen if I'm wrapped in a blanket watching Disney movies.

In the spirit of Day 1's goals... I went out and rode- actually rode- to improve myself and my horse not just sit on my horses and amble around. And do you know what? I actually had a pretty good day. Sure RC wants to leap out of his skin everytime he passes H, but we did get some good canter work. Delight was the real star today. She wants to counterbend through the corners to get high and 'look-y' and throw her haunches to the left so that she doesnt have to step fully under herself. Today, I had moments where I fixed both issues. One of these days her leg yield right will be as good as her leg yield left....

Hey, I can dream.

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  1. Hey I read your blog all the time. I can't believe you would be riding in the weather you live in but you are young. I do wish someone would have told me how hard dressage is to really get. Of course there are different levels of doing dressage but how really hard it is to get the feel you want to be able to have every horse have.. Anyway one thing I have learned is it takes babies awhile to be dressage horses. At least some take til they are 7 or 8. Martha