Thursday, January 5, 2012


When I was younger, I used to think that it would have been the coolest thing ever to actually be twins with my sister. I mean, then we could go to the same classes, and do twin things!
See? Twin things... Like dressing alike.
Of course by high school, I wanted to go out and be my own person, do my own things...
What are the odds we both pick up Dressage? Seriously!

It occurs to me that my sister and I are actually much closer than normal sisters, which an inordinate number of people find shocking (you guys actually like each other? You show together?) . Our list of stats would read eerily similar. We have the same degree (different schools), the same tenancies to do silly things, the same truck and now the same horses. And the same haircut (which she totally stole from me) As it was we were referred to as a unit on the local show scene (thank goodness we are a thousand miles apart now).
Team McDougal... At least our horses don't match.

Now, I'm not just rambling on and on about how cool my sister and I are as people (let's face it, all we do is win, win, win), but by how shockingly similar our horses are, which, of course I noticed while visiting and riding her horses over Christmas.

Of course you'r horses are similar! They are related! Duh!

While, yes, we do each have a Black Delight GRP, they are not the same horse... er, pony.
Delight rides just like Bucky, without all the passaging/piaffing BS. She's highly reactive and needs the harder work to maintain focus otherwise we have an OMG what the HECK is that in the corner?!?!?! type moment. While that requires a more focused ride, its also a blast riding a reactive, responsve horse.
The Tillner rides just like Kiwi. They have the same 'feel'. Yes, Tilly is a 'people' pony who would rather stand and let you brush her for hours while Kiwi plainly doesn't have time for that BS and rules all she sees with an iron fist... hoof. Whatever. BUT the way those two cover the ground while working... Could be the same horse. Weird.

And no, no one else is comparable to RC. He's a one of a kind kinda guy.

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