Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 10: Always Be Ready To Ride

Todays DT: NYNY advice is to always have riding essentials in the car, just in case work gets out early, or the stars align to allow that few hours of uninterrupted riding time. This is great advice...

As of this second, I have one pair of winter riding cover up pants, one pair of low rise winter boots, two winter jackets, a chook and two pairs of winter riding gloves. That's almost enough for an unplanned riding adventure should I so choose.

Now, since I am supposed to be out of town right now, leaving my truck in an airport parking lot, I did remove most of the big horse stuff from the car. Usually I would also have two dressage saddles, a helmet and an extra saddle pad in my truck as well. Needless to say, my whole car smells faintly of horse.

Then again, usually so do I. It's the risk you run when riding before work, I suppose. Good thing my job is relaxed enough that my normal dress is winter riding breeches, winter tall boots, sweater/jacket combo (usually with RC or Delight drool somewhere on the sleeve) and helmet hair.

Only in the UP would this ever be acceptable.

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