Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 20: Is Your Horse Happy?

Ah, this ‘challenge’ recommended a shatterproof mirror to keep the stall bound horse entertained. While good advice, the question posed is actually more thought provoking than the advice given.

I would say that Tilly is happy. She’s turned out with two other ponies, and they have come to a truce as far as pecking order goes (Tilly’s last). She has a three acre pasture with two run ins in case of bad weather. Sure the ponies might run her off the last few straws of hay, but she’s in good weight and content. She’s working well and happy to see me.

I would say that Delight could be happier. Her turnout situation is not ideal. I think she’d be happier turned out with Tilly and the ponies, unfortunately, that’s not possible since they technically are at different facilities and Tilly’s barn is “full-up”. Delight is in good weight, shiny, and working pretty well ever since we switched feeds (either that or I’m getting better. One can only hope…). She’s just not as happy to see everyone as she was when at home. She didn’t do well when turned out with RC as he’s a jerk and the pens aren’t big enough to offer her any escape from his pestering, so that’s out. I suppose there’s only so much I can do until they come home.

RC isn’t happy in his turnout situation either. The pen is too small for running and bucking, which means that he has yet to lose a shoe, but on the other hand, he’s also go so much pent up energy that he can be quite a handful. He’s happy to work, and he’s looking good on his bale-a-day diet, I just wish he could have a little more ‘romping room’. Even if he was nicer to Delight, they would have to just share a pen and we all know how RC is about personal space… Just until spring. Then I’ll have my happy herd in a better turnout situation. 

Winter is hard on all of us....

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