Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 8: Winter Warm Up

OK, I'll admit that in trying to make a blog post for each bit of advice, there is going to be a deluge of posts some days, and none for a few days. It would be easier if I had the internet at home... But I don't, and I kinda like it that way.

Anyway, day 8's advice is a warm up to help keep the hyper winter ponies in control using frequent transitions. I'll admit that I have used this exercise with Delight and RC in the past, but it seems - like so many things- that I tend to get lax about transitions over time. Nothing like a nice little reminder to get my ponies back to work.

Not that they will be working anytime soon, as I was supposed to leave on a business trip earlier this week, only to be blizzard'd out.... Flights were delayed, I got to spend a lot of time sitting in the local one terminal airport with 50 of my new best friends... Also, there is no restroom after the security check point. And no place to get coffee while everyone is waiting, though come to think of it, that might be due to that lack of restroom. After a 4 hour delay, we made it on to the plane. The plane taxied down the runway... and sat there. Then we taxied back to the terminal, deplaned, and waited for another hour and a half. By noon, my 6am flight was canceled. As were the next three flights out... So looks like my business trip has been postponed til Sunday, when I'll try all this again.

Needless to say after 7 hours with no food or coffee and a painfully slow rebooking process, the only ones who were in a good mood were the poodles. I picked them up from their pet sitters, and went home and napped.

The warm up advice- good though it is- will have to keep for another day.

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