Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 14: Track your progress

This is a tip I can get behind. I mean, I like watching the old videos of horse shows with Arlberg and London from back in the day. Sure, it’s painful to watch me struggling to figure out how to ride, but the difference between then and now is astonishing. Now, I’m not saying that I’m some kind of fantastic rider… But I’ve made leaps and bounds in the last ten years…

I think it’s important to keep a record of progress. Let’s face it, advancement in this sport is glacial; we can measure training in years, not days or weeks. Obviously, I can look back through this blog and get an idea of where I’ve been, if I’ve strayed from the right path, what’s worked and what hasn’t. This helps me immensely, even if it can be kind of boring to read. It keeps me honest (oh, I haven’t ridden in 3 days? I have just poked around the field, not actually ridden? Whoops), it reminds me of how much I have progressed (whoa, I used to ride like that?!?!), and it lets me share my journey with others… Even if they don’t care. 

So here’s the quick Delight version… (the long version is this last hundred posts, if you’d care for the complete trip…)
The day I bought her, as a nearly-two-year-old

Me teaching Delight to lunge. She was the first horse I taught to lunge and started under saddle.

Me and Delight, after 8 months of "growing up" while I finished school.

Delight's temper tantrum, when I started pushing her. Also, her first time to a new place... Pony says NO!
Delight's first schooling show, fall 2010

Clinic June 2011, after my knee injury

Same clinic as above.

Delight's first recognized show. Boy, was I tense. 

Delight on the trail during my move to the UP....

Of course, movies are scattered throughout this blog... and stay tuned for our next big stepping stones!

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